Q:    How can I order your work?

A:    To order please call me toll-free at 1-866-269-6563.  If I’m out, please leave your name and phone number on the machine.  I’d appreciate it you could spell your name and give me your number twice.   Please call before 10PM Eastern time.

Q:    How long until I receive my purchase?

A:    When you call I can let you know if your order is currently in stock.  If so, I can almost always get them out within 2 days.  I will let you know if that is not the case.  If any part of the order is out of stock, I can give you a good idea of how long it will take to weave them.

Q:    How can I pay for my purchase?

A:    I accept Visa, Mastercard or American Express over the phone.  If you would prefer to pay by check, I will hold your order for you until I receive your check in the mail.

Q:    Will I need to pay sales tax on my purchase?

A:    No sales tax will be charged.

Q:    May I come visit your studio?

A:    Visits can be arranged by calling for an appointment.

Q:    Do you have a separate retail store?

A:    No I don’t.  You can arrange to see my work by calling for an appointment to visit my studio.

Q:    When is your next craft show?

A:    Please click on the show link on the left of the screen for my show schedule.

Q:    When will you be giving weaving classes?

A:    Please click on the classes link on the left of the screen to see schedules and descriptions of my upcoming classes.

Q:    If I give your work as a gift, can it be exchanged or returned?

A:    Yes it can be exchanged for an item of the same cost or it can be returned for a gift certificate.

Q:    Can I email you to get more information?

A:    Yes I will be happy to answer your questions.

Q:    How do I care for your fabrics?

A:    The care instructions for the different fabrics are listed on each of the website pages.  To see how to wash the cotton shawls, please click on the shop link, click on shawls and then on cotton.

Q:    Do you do all the weaving or is it woven by employees?

A:    I have no employees.  I do all the work, ensuring high quality at every step of the process.
Frequently Asked Questions
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